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Relax, Unwind, Turtle UP!

510 E. Elm St Buckley, IL 60957

(217) 394-1145

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Welcome to Turtle UP Trailers

We are a trailer manufacturer specializing in teardrop camping and expedition trailers.

At Turtle UP Trailers our goal is to produce the most rugged and longest lasting trailers on the road and to offer exceptional service to both our maintenance customer and our new sales customers.

We strive for quality and dependability, and that is exactly what you can expect.

No wood guaranteed!

We make the highest quality teardrop trailers on the road, Period. It is our belief that wood cabins bolted to a metal frame is not the best construction method for a trailer that is going to get pulled down the road, over potholes and rail road crossing, not to mention off-road situations. This is why here at turtle up we use a single piece frame and cabin made of aluminum and pair it up with the highest quality composite material for all of the other components, guaranteeing there is nothing rot or refinish. Its the best way.... Its the only way.... Its the Turtle UP Way!

For Sale $12,300.00


Ready for the road!

Our Services Include

Trailer repair and maintenance  // Custom trailer building // Parts and accessories  

// Teardrop trailers  // Much more...

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