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The Turtle UP Difference

Frame Design

Our Proprietary arc structure and single piece frame design is extremely strong and can only be found at Turtle UP Trailers. It is constructed entirely from aluminum and welded as one piece. Many teardrop campers are made from a wood cabin structure and a metal frame that are bolted together. With our technique we create a super structure that will never separate from use and fatigue. 

Composite materials

There is Absolutely no wood in our teardrop campers. Our cabinets are built from expanded PVC, and then finished with a high quality automotive finish. Our interior walls are a composite material that does not absorb water and offers an easy to clean surface that is durable enough for long term use. Our exterior is painted aluminum. Our subfloor and a five layer composite panel that is aluminum skinned on both sides and offer a polystyrene insulated core.

Matte Polar White
Wall cavity insulation

Our teardrops offer the thickest walls in the industry. We offer 2" thick walls and our stud construction allows us to spray foam insulate the wall cavities completely. We spray the liquid insulation against the interior wall material locking it to the aluminum studs of the wall creating a super strong wall. The walls in a Turtle UP camper feel and sound solid. If you have ever pushed or pounded on the walls in other travel trailers, the difference will be evident!

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