The Beacon's unique design starts at the design of the frame. Our frames can be made of Steel or Aluminum. The walls are 2" thick and fully insulated 16" on center studs and our proprietary arc structure that make the trailer incredibly rigid. 


Pass through storage compartment


Unique features transfer from the frame right to the interior of our teardrops. Awesome accent lighting on the interior allows you to see everything in the cabinets and on the shelves below. HDPE (high density polyethylene) cabinets come in many different colors, are waterproof and won't deteriorate over time. The 4" thick memory foam mattress has a 3 year warranty and fold conveniently into a couch for a comfy place to sit and watch movies or play games on those rainy days. 

        Dual sky lights are a standard feature and offer sun shades and bug screen built into the trim around the window. Carpet tiles line the floor that are super easy to clean and are easily replaceable for those accidents that leave stains.

      HDPE cabinets continue on to the kitchen underneath the hatch around back, with the addition of a solid surface counter top like you would find in a high end home. 

       Many custom features can be implemented in this area like what you see in the picture to the right. Sink and stove, Fridge, waterproof sound system and multi color accent lighting are just a few.

      There is tons of storage in the kitchen cabinets with three cupboards and two large drawers, and there are 110Vac and 12Vdc power outlets for your appliances. The kitchen is also where your fuse box and converter are installed. 


On the exterior we offer many different colors for the side walls and to roof. The roof is coated with a bed-liner like material that can be tented to any color. Many aluminum wheel options are available and you always get a storage plate on the tounge.

      All four corners of the teardrop have leveling jacks for those really uneven sites. Moon gazer windows, air conditioners, roof racks and side rooms are just some of the options that can be added to your Trailer!

When it comes down to it we designed the Beacon to be that Vintage Americana, simplistic Travel Trailer with a Very modern twist.

    At Turtle UP Trailers we don't believe in doing things one way just because that's how they have always been done; we believe in doing things the best way possible and continually improving our design to keep our trailers at the leading edge of the market. These Beliefs are why our trailers are and will continue to be the longest lasting, best built, and highest quality teardrops on the market.

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